Give Yourself a Big Pay Raise without Having to Make More Money or Beg Your Boss!

Target Debt Free: The most comprehensive financial wellness training program

By completing our online video course, you will:

  • Save between 10%-30% of your monthly salary
  • Pay off all your debt in record time
  • Have less stress on and off of the job
  • Be able to send you kids to college
  • Retire when you want

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Developed by Dr. Tom Watson (the Pay Raise Professor),

author of The Great American Debt Opportunity: Turn Your Debt Into Wealth


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What is debt costing you?

Would you like to have more money left over at the end of the month? Are you among the 70% of workers living paycheck to paycheck? Then give yourself a big pay raise by enrolling in the Pay Raise Professor’s online Target Debt Free course.


The Pay Raise Professor’s Target Debt Free Course:

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How will you benefit? Benefits of Target Debt Free financial wellness online training program:

Untitled-1 Learn how to pay off all debts in just a few years

Untitled-1 Be able to save between 10%-35% monthly

Untitled-1 Dramatically lower stress on and off the job

Untitled-1Learn the secrets of building wealth on the money being wasted on debt

Untitled-1 Have less pressure to make more money

Untitled-1 Ability to save more for retirement

Untitled-1 Ability to send children to college

Untitled-1 Have more money at the end of the month